6 Tips for Staying Warm at Snowy Range Ski Area

Looking at all of the beautiful mountains covered in a blanket of snow is amazing and it is a lot of fun to play in. One key way to make sure everyone has a fun day in the snow is to stay dry and warm. If this is your first time skiing or you are not used to below freezing temperatures we want to make sure you know the best ways to stay warm. At Snowy Range, we want you to have to best experience on the slopes so here are some tips to help you stay warm during the ski season:

1. Layering Your Core

Layering correctly makes a big difference, not only to keep your core warm but your extremities as well. Keep these 3 layers in mind when you are packing for your next trip. 

  • First a base layer, something to help keep moisture off of you and circulate the heat. 
  • Next a mid-layer something breathable but still warm. A lightweight jacket, pullover or hoodie will help keep the warmth in. 
  • Last is your outer layer, make sure this layer is waterproof. The outmost layer should be an additional layer of warmth but most importantly you want to keep the snow from getting in.

We recommend dressing in more layers than you think you might need, if you get warm during the day you can always leave a layer in the car.

2. Leg Layering

When you are learning to ski or snowboard you are going to fall, it’s all part of the learning experience, but you want to make sure you stay warm and dry. You can layer your legs the same way as your core, just make sure you can still move around. Waterproof or water-resistant pants will help you stay dry when you sit in the snow, or if the snow is falling.

3. Gloves

We want to make sure your hands stay warm we recommend a pair of gloves that are waterproof and keep your hands warm. We also recommend if you easily get cold hands to consider using mittens. Although mittens are thought to be primarily for kids they actually keep your fingers warmer by keeping them all together. 

Glove liners are a great option for a base layer for your hands, whether you are wearing gloves or mittens. Keeping your gloves on at all times helps keep the warmth in and the moisture out. 

On those really cold days, it seems like no matter what glove you are wearing you can’t stay warm that is where hand warmers come in. A great way to keep the hands warm or warm them back up, just make sure you follow the directions on the package. 

4. Socks

Ski and snowboard boots will keep you warm but not as warm as a good pair of snow boots, a good quality pair of socks is recommended. Just because a sock is really thick does not mean it is the warmest out there. The material it is made out of is what really matters, the most popular warm material is merino wool. 

We don’t recommend layering socks, as layered socks will become too thick for ski or snowboard boots causing them to not fit properly and may be uncomfortable. 

If you are worried about your or your kiddos toes becoming too cold you can always buy toe warmers. Toe warmers are thinner than hand warmers and stick to your socks, follow the directions on the packaging to make sure you get the most out of your toe warmers.

5. Other Layers

As you are flying down the mountain, at a safe and controlled speed, the wind will be blowing on your face and neck. Keep your neck and face warm with a facemask, there are various brands and types so find your preference. Some will just cover your neck while others will cover your neck, face and head. Find what works best for you and find the best material for the weather. Stay warm and look good doing it.

As we recommend all skiers and boarders, no matter your level, to wear helmets you may choose not to do so. As helmets are designed to provide warmth, we do not recommend wearing a hat under your helmet as it will not properly fit nor provide best protection. We do sell headliners that are thinner, and still warm, that can be worn under a helmet if you are concerned about warmth (Explain what this is and why it is different than hats).

6. Take Breaks

Throughout the day it is always a good idea to take some breaks. At Snowy you can enjoy the warmth of our lodge and grab a quick bite and a cup of Hot Chocolate or cup of joe to warm up and reenergize before getting back on the slopes.

Have Fun and Stay Warm!