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Join the Snowy Range team for the 2022-2023 season. We are hiring both full and part-time positions.

All Snowy Range staff will receive a FREE employee season pass and:

  • $75 Dependent/ Spouse Pass
  • Chance to earn free tickets to Winter Park
  • Christmas and New Years time and a half pay along with free lunch
  • Pro deals with select partners
  • Snowy Range Beanie
  • Discounted Buddy Tickets
  • Free tickets to participating resorts
  • Free Coffee/Soft Drinks
  • 20% Off Retail & Food
  • 25% Off Rentals/Repairs
  • Ride Breaks
  • Employees of the month receive $50 gift card and front row parking
Snowy Range Ski Area, located in Southeastern Wyoming, is seeking an individual to fill our General Manager position. We are in need of an experienced professional, who can help us continue to grow and has an understanding of the opportunities, challenges and the culture of our business. The ideal candidate will be able to manage across multiple platforms, be team and goal oriented, and have a strong managerial background.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Leading our management team towards a common goal
    • Ability to work closely with ownership as well as front line workers to implement processes and ensure smooth operations day to day.
  • Managing both on hill and lodge operations from Snowmaking to Food and Beverage, with the ability to see issues as they arise, delegate, prioritize and see how each fits into the overall picture of a fully functioning resort.
  • Ensuring that departmental processes and operations are working towards the resorts expectations
  • Managing guest experience from start to finish
  • Assisting the management team in establishing HR guidelines, refining their hiring process, and ensuring that each department is properly staffed and trained as needed.
  • Assisting with policy implementation, follow through, and adaptation and change directions as necessary.
  • Working across all departments with guest and employee safety as a priority in all aspects of operations.
  • Daily problem solving to adapt and carry on in a dynamic environment.


  • 4-year college degree and 2 years of management experience, or 4 years of management experience without a degree.
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Familiar with mechanical systems, terms, and functions of systems in the Resort setting.
  • Ideally, experience in the ski industry. However, a candidate with a strong processes and managerial background will be considered.

Must excel in these core areas:

  • Communicating between staff to accomplish goals, lay out expectations, follow up on problems or issues as they arise, and keep people generally informed of the day to day.
  • Planning for the days and weeks ahead. Making sure that the people and resources you will need are ready to go when they are needed.
  • Thinking critically, and dynamically solving problems or issues as they arise. Rarely do things go 100% perfectly as planned, and the ability to adapt and overcome is critical.
  • Direct a team to accomplish your priorities.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to work on a non-set schedule. The ability to prioritize what needs to happen and what it will take to accomplish that.
  • Goal oriented for yourself as well as keep others on track with theirs as well.
  • The ability to be assertive when needed as well as the compassion that all employees need.

Keys to success for any candidate:

  • Experience as a manager in a dynamic process oriented environment
  • Enjoys challenges
  • High energy and not easily deterred from ones goals
  • Excellent judgment and decision making skills
  • Can work under pressure and is open to change and adaptation in the process.
  • Has a plan, and knows the operations in and out, but is willing to modify as events or staffing dictate.
  • Being able to see the bigger picture and problem solve to fix a problem that might come out of left field.

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