6 Tips for a First Time Skier

Skiing for the first time is so exciting and we want to make sure you are ready for your first time out at Snowy Range. Here are 6 tips to help make your first-time out the most enjoyable.

What to Wear

Dressing warm and staying dry while learning to ski or snowboard is key to starting your day off right. Make sure you have warm layers and all of your outer layers and gloves are waterproof. One good warm pair of socks is better than several because too many can cause your boots not to fit comfortably or properly.

When you think of winter you don’t typically think about the bright sunshine. It is important to wear sunscreen and have chapstick with sun protection with you at all times, even on cloudy days you are getting more sun than you think. We recommend protecting your eyes with sunglasses or goggles, when the sun is shining it reflects off of the snow causing it to be even brighter. Goggles also can shield you from snow getting in your eyes.

You can buy most of the affordable basics in our on-site Hole in The Wall Retail Shop.

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Ski or Snowboard?

Are you planning on skiing or snowboarding? Typically we recommend, for all ages, to start out skiing. It is commonly said skiing is easier to learn and harder to advance whereas snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to advance. Now, this is common for most people the first time out but sometimes one might be better for you than the other.

Take a lesson

Whether it is your first time on the slopes or it has been a while we recommend taking a lesson. Some guests have had luck with friends or family teaching them but typically that does not work out as well as it may sound. Especially when parents are trying to teach their kids, they tend to listen and learn faster from an instructor.

We offer both private and group lessons. If you want to learn all together as a group or family we offer family private lessons, up to 5 students. Our most affordable option is our group lessons. They are broken up by age and ability level. We keep all ability levels separate as well as keeping 5 & 6-year-olds, 7-12-year-olds and Teen/Adults together.

With our 4 lesson levels, we can help get you the right instruction. Many ski areas break down their lesson levels differently for our break down check out our Lesson Abilities Page.

Make sure you buy your lessons at least 48 hours in advance so we can guarantee we have a spot for you!

More Lesson Information

Know where to go

Make sure you plan to arrive early, Snowy Range’s lodge opens at 8am while the lifts don’t open until 9am and lessons start at 10 am. Getting everyone ready for the first-day skiing always takes longer than expected. Make sure you have the right directions check the weather and road conditions from where you are staying.

If you are taking lessons we always recommend arrive and an hour to an hour and a half in advance to ensure you are ready for your lesson and find your instructor in time.

For more information: Navigating Your Arrival

Buy In Advance

No matter what you need we always recommend buying everything 48 hours in advance or more. By buying in advance not only are you going to save time but money too! 

Our lift tickets and group lessons are discounted when you buy them in advance. If you reserve rentals in advance you will have a separate line just to pick up your stuff and be on your way to a great day on the slopes. 

When reserving a lesson in advance we can guarantee we will be able to teach you on the day you arrive. If you walk up to book a lesson we do not always have room to add students in at the last minute.

Road Conditions and Weather

The best day on the slopes is with some fresh snow, but that also means the roads probably got some too. Before you leave check the road conditions and closures to make sure you take an open route and you won’t have any extra delays. Fresh snow also means it may take a little longer to drive up to the mountain. Make sure you plan ahead. 

For the most up to date, Wyoming road conditions and closures visit WYO ROADS or download the app. For Colorado road conditions and closures visit COTRIP or download the app.

When looking at weather conditions for your trip make sure you are looking at the Ski Area weather, not just the closest town. As Centennial, Wyoming is the closest town to Snowy Range Ski Area the weather is typically much different in town than on the Mountian. We tend to forget that there is almost a 1000ft elevation difference between town and the base of Snowy Range Ski Area.

Snowy Range Weather Station