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Lifts & Trails Report

Trail Report


Trail Name Difficulty Symbol Status Grooming
Blackfoot Easiest OPEN YES
Centennial Easiest OPEN YES
Lower Drifter Easiest OPEN YES
Pioneer Easiest OPEN YES
Roundup Easiest OPEN YES
Upper Drifter Easiest OPEN YES
War Path Easiest OPEN YES
The Colt Easiest OPEN YES
Autobahn Easiest OPEN YES
Little Buckaroo Easiest OPEN YES
Arapahoe More Difficult OPEN YES
Calamity Jane More Difficult OPEN NO
Cheyenne More Difficult OPEN NO
Great Escape More Difficult OPEN YES
Gunslinger More Difficult OPEN YES
Middle Drifter More Difficult OPEN YES
Ogallala More Difficult OPEN NO
Rawhide More Difficult OPEN YES
Seminole More Difficult OPEN YES
Shoshoni More Difficult OPEN NO
Sundance More Difficult OPEN NO
Virginian More Difficult OPEN YES
Opal More Difficult OPEN YES
Odin More Difficult OPEN YES
Crow’s Nest More Difficult OPEN NO
Crazy Horse Most Difficult OPEN NO
Dakota Most Difficult OPEN NO
Geronimo Most Difficult OPEN NO
Laramie Most Difficult OPEN NO
Overland Most Difficult OPEN NO
Rattler Most Difficult OPEN NO
Rustler Most Difficult OPEN NO
Chute Most Difficult OPEN NO


Notes about Run Status

Open = Run is open
Closed = Run is currently closed



Whether this is your first time or you aren’t comfortable on the slopes, yet, you will still be able to enjoy shorter runs and cruise runs from the top of the mountain. Beginner runs are green trail signs with a circle next to the run name.



Once you feel comfortable on the beginner green runs and want more of a challenge you can move to our more advanced blue runs. We recommend starting with our wider blue runs like Virginian or Rawhide. More advanced runs are marked with a blue sign with a square next to the run name.



Looking for a challenge with a black run? Go, Rattler. This mogul field is sure to get your heart pumping! No matter your skill level, you’re bound to find a good time in our backyard. Our Expert runs are black signs with a diamond next to the run name.

Lift Status

Pioneer 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM OPEN
The Colt 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM OPEN
Chute 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM OPEN
Sundance 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM OPEN
Virginian 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM OPEN

Notes about Lift Status

Open = Lift is open for the season
Closed = Lift is currently closed

snowy range ski trail map